I²r Power

Founded in 2005 to design and construct air- and water-cooled power cables for thermal processors, a team of experienced I²r Power employees dedicated to excellent craftsmanship perform meticulous attention to detail on every project. If melting, casting, heating, or thermally processing materials, I²r Power can help design/build a secondary conductor to carry your power as well as coolant. I²r Power is a global company producing components for original equipment manufacturers and end customers, alike.


  • 4300 Chamber Avenue SW
  • Canton, OH 44706 United States
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  • Casting and Forging
    • Casting Systems, Continuous
    • Ladles, Automatic
  • Heating and Cooling
    • Cooling Equipment
    • Furnace
      • Furnace Controls
    • Furnaces
      • Furnaces, Other


  • Maintenance and Repairing
    • Rebuild
    • Retrofit