Productive Robotics

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures three robotic welding systems: Blaze Welding provides robotic welding for your table, your welder. Blaze works with your current welding setup, providing fast and easy robot welding automation. Blaze is compatible with Miller, Lincoln, and most others. Blaze Duo is a high production dual station robot welder with automated doors separating two identical weld stations. Blaze Duo minimizes downtime by allowing operators to safely set up one job while the robot is welding another. Blaze LF is designed for ease and convenience for automation of both large and small size weldments. The 8 ft long table provides unrestricted access on all sides for placing large objects and easily loading and unloading components. All Blaze products come with a dedicated OB7 Stretch Robot and Productive Robotics’ proven “No Programming” software. Blaze learns by showing it where to weld. With Blaze, you achieve 100% consistent, clean, precise welds and 2x-5x increase in productivity.


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