Productive Robotics

Productive Robotics designs and manufactures the new generation of collaborative robots. “OB7” robots provides simplicity in use, versatility, automation, and increased output, consistency, and quality. ​OB7 leaps beyond all other collaborative robots with its "teach without programming". Existing employees “show" OB7 the desired tasks to be performed. OB7 quickly learns and performs the tasks. Zero programming eliminates operational complexity and user worry. ​ Productive Robotics manufactures the Blaze Duo and Blaze LF Robotic welding systems, which are all-inclusive welding systems that are built from the ground up. Designed for high volume production, the Blaze Duo features automatic doors that separate two identical weld stations. The unique configuration allows the operator to safely set up one job while the OB7 welds another part. Blaze LF features an 8 ft. long table, the largest on the market, and is designed for extra-large parts. Combined with teach-by-touch, no-programming software and recipes from a state-of-the-art power supply, Blaze Welding systems equip employees with the capability to achieve perfect welds simply.




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