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SafanDarley specializes in developing and manufacturing press brakes and shears for both thin and thick sheet metal. In 2020 it is 25 years since SafanDarley launched the first electric press brake on the market. Sustainable development that is of greater importance in today's society than ever before. The SafanDarley E-Brake offers the fastest bending cycle, largest energy and CO2 reduction, fully electrical and without environmentally harmful oil. This helps the environment and your bottom line! The SafanDarley range of electronic press brakes is unmatched in the entire world Innovation plays an important role in our press brake production process. As the inventor of the servo-electronic press brake, SafanDarley brought about a veritable e-volution in sheet metal working. Not only because of superior electronic technology compared to traditional hydraulics, but also through innovative machine concepts, unique control systems and optimal production automation. SafanDarley is an experienced specialist in the field of automated bending cells. The automated solutions go much further than stand-alone solutions. With the R-Brake, you have all benefits of an SafanDarley E-Brake, coupled with the industry standard for Robotics. The unique overhead robot design creates the benefits of a big cell inside a small, clean space. With the E-Brake Mini Cell, you get everything you need for fully automated bending, just a little smaller. Ideal for larger batches of smaller sheet metal parts. The optional automatic tool and gripper change function makes it possible to quickly switch between different products.


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