FACCIN Group, the World's Top Manufacturer of Metal Rolling, Bending & Forming Machines. Thanks to its three signature brands – FACCIN®, BOLDRINI® and ROUNDO® – offers the widest selection of advanced plate rolls, angle rolls, dished head lines, and special solutions for rolling, bending, and forming metal sheets, profiles, and heads. We specialize in 2-roll, 3-roll and 4-roll plate rolls to bend sheets with thicknesses to over 12 in. with useful working lengths exceeding 60 ft. 3 or 4-roll angle rolls, ideal to bend steel with a section modulus up to Wmax= 7,900 in.3. Automatic dishing presses with manipulators and flanging machines.


  • 270 Kellway Circle
  • Addison, TX 75001 United States
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  • Bending Equipment
    • Roll Benders
      • Roll Benders, Angle
      • Roll Benders, Sheet/Plate
    • Tube & Pipe Benders
      • Straighteners, Tube & Bar
      • Tube & Pipe Benders
  • Metalforming Equipment
    • Forming & Flanging Machines
  • Roll Forming
    • Angle Rolls
    • Plate Rolls
    • Roll Forming Rolls


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  • Miscellaneous Services
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