Red Bud Industries

When it comes to your Coil Processing Equipment needs, Red Bud Industries is your “one stop shop”. We offer a wide range of Coil Processing Systems. We design and manufacture Light Gauge Cut-To-Length, Multi-Blanking Lines, and Heavy Gauge Plate Cut-To-Length Lines all of which can include either our Grip Feed or Servo Roll Feed Measuring Systems. In addition, our “SUREGRIP®” Stretcher Levelers can be added to produce “dead flat” material. We also manufacture Light and Heavy Gauge Slitting Lines which can be combined with our state-of-the-art Coil Packaging Lines. Coil Packaging Equipment is the perfect complement to a highly productive Slitting Line. Our Banding Lines will help assure you get the most out of your Red Bud System. Our Processing Equipment is only a part of the services we offer. Besides building world class coil processing equipment, we can also assist you with many other aspects of your project. We are experts in the design and layout of service centers. Whether you are building an addition or a whole new facility, adding one new machine or several, we can help you optimize your new plant to assure you get the most out of your investment. Already have coil processing equipment? Make sure you are getting the most out of it with our consulting services. One of our sales engineers will provide a comprehensive on-site evaluation of the functionality and efficiency of your line. This includes time studies to measure the performance of the operators, set up people, and material handlers to help find and eliminate those wasted minutes that rob productivity and impact your bottom line. We also offer one day and half day on-site seminars to help your personnel better understand slitting, blanking, leveling, and general coil processing topics. As you can see, Red Bud Industries is not simply an equipment builder. Service centers around the world consider us to be a valued partner in their business. May we assist you? The SUREGRIP trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


  • 200 B & E Industrial Dr.
  • Red Bud, IL 62278 United States
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  • Coil Processing
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    • Coil Cars
    • Coil Cradles
    • Coil Equipment
      • Coil Equipment, Coil Reels, Grabs
      • Coil Equipment, Cradles/Carts
      • Coil Equipment, Cut-to-length
      • Coil Equipment, Slitting
      • Coil Equipment, Straighteners/Levelers
      • Coil Equipment, Winders, Dereelers, Uncoilers
    • Coil Pickling Lines
    • Coil Prep Lines
    • Coil Processing Lines
    • Cut-to-length Lines
    • Decoilers
    • Flatteners
    • Levelers
      • Levelers, Roller & Stretcher
      • Levelers, Tension
    • Multi-blanking Lines
    • Payoff Reels
    • Pickling Lines
    • Recoilers
    • Roller Straighteners
    • Separators, Coil
    • Sheeting Lines
    • Side Trim Lines
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    • Tension Leveling Lines
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