Doringer Cold Saws, Inc.

With over 40 years of experience in cold saws, Doringer is a full-service manufacturing company, handling everything from design thru fabrication, machining, assembly, and final quality control at our facilities in southern California. There is no faster, safer, or more economical way to cut steel, stainless steel, or aluminum than with a Doringer cold saw. Doringer offers the finest quality of sawblade resharpening and retoothing service. All sawblades are resharpened in-house with a 2-day turnaround via UPS or local free pick-up and delivery. We maintain a large inventory of cold saw machines, sawblades, and Doringer parts in stock at all times for same or next day shipping for your convenience.


  • 13400 Estrella Avenue
  • Gardena, CA 90248 United States
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  • Sawing Technology
    • Saw Blades, All Types
    • Saws
      • Saws, Circular Cutoff (Cold)


  • Blades
    • Circular Saws
      • Circular Saws
    • Saw Blades


  • Maintenance and Repairing
    • Blade Sharpening