Ursviken Inc.

Ursviken is a global leader in CNC press brake and automation technology. Ursviken focuses on heavy-duty, precision press brakes from 320 tons to 10,000+ tons, with a special focus on automated solutions for the production of metal utility poles, bridge girders, crane arms, and other long, difficult parts made out of heavy plate and requiring extremely accurate, repeatable bending performance. Ursviken is proud to claim the title for building the largest single press brake in the world, at 2,500 tons with a 20.8 meter (over 68 feet!) bed. Pivatic Inc., part of Ursviken Group has a long-standing reputation for providing the most efficient, accurate, and innovative fully automatic coil and blank-fed punching, blanking, and bending solutions. Pivatic provides complete, truly turnkey production lines that will reliably produce parts for many years, and can then be updated to the latest control and drive technologies to ensure many more years of reliable production. Pivatic lines are located worldwide in the factories of some of the biggest producers of products such as HVAC wrappers and cabinets, elevator doors and interiors, steel doors and frames, electrical enclosures and bus bars, conveyor and material handling equipment, office furniture, and kitchen appliances.


  • 1636 Todd Farm Dr.
  • Elgin, IL 60123 United States
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  • Bending Equipment
    • Sheet/Plate
      • Sheet/Plate, Folding
      • Sheet/Plate, Panel
  • Coil Processing
    • Coil Processing Lines
    • Decoilers
  • Press Brakes
    • Press Brake Gauges, Back/Front
    • Press Brakes
      • Press Brakes
      • Press Brakes, Hydraulic
  • Presses
    • Presses
      • Presses, Bending
      • Presses, Hydraulic
  • Punching and Drilling
    • Turret Punch Presses
      • Turret Punch Presses, Hydraulic
  • Sawing Technology
    • Saws
      • Saws/Shears, Extrusion
  • Tool and Die Equipment
    • Tooling
      • Tooling, Press Brake
      • Tooling, Presses
      • Tooling, Punch & Die Sets
      • Tooling, Roll Forming


  • Maintenance and Repairing
    • Press Rebuilding
    • Rebuild
    • Retrofit