Amada America Inc.

As the leader in the engineering and manufacturing of advanced metalworking systems, AMADA is uniquely positioned to provide unmatched service and support to North American fabricators. Its growing network of U.S. manufacturing sites establishes AMADA as the Premier American Manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication equipment. AMADA’s U.S. manufacturing facilities work together to further the advancement of the North American sheet metal industry in three distinct ways. Innovative Engineering — The Brea Manufacturing Facility produces a full line of 3-12kW laser cutting systems and automation solutions. These high-performance systems are engineered to meet the specific needs of North American fabricators. Maximum Efficiency — The Carolina Manufacturing Center produces AMADA’s newest line of press brakes, the HRB Series. This high-precision series leverages industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features to minimize setup. Equipped with AMADA’s patented Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) the HRB ATC enables fabricators to achieve even the most complex tool setups in minutes. Additional products manufactured at the Carolina Manufacturing Center include the AMS 3015 CL. This modular automation system easily expands as future needs evolve. Coast To Coast Manufacturing — AMADA TOOL AMERICA in Batavia, New York, manufactures the world’s most precise tooling, including the additional press brake tooling needed to support the manufacturing of press brakes in North Carolina. Combined, the CA, NC, and NY facilities provide over 500,000 square feet of nationwide manufacturing capabilities. AMADA AMERICA, INC. was established in Seattle, Washington in 1971. The company has been located in California since 1973 and is headquartered in Buena Park. AMADA machine tools consistently set global standards for performance and reliability. And each year, AMADA develops and perfects innovative sheet metal manufacturing and automation solutions with a single objective: to maximize customers’ productivity. AMADA’s most important tool in achieving this goal is listening to customers and responding to their needs.


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  • Laser Technology
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  • Welding Equipment
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