Mazak Optonics Corp.

Mazak Optonics specializes in Direct Diode, Fiber and CO2 laser-cutting processes for the metal fabrication, structural steel, and construction markets. Mazak Optonics has the World’s Largest Laser-Dedicated Technology Center in Elgin, Illinois. We have made this commitment to the North American manufacturing industry to help companies meet application development challenges and to educate the industry on the potential impact of emerging laser technology.




  • Laser Technology
    • Laser Cutting Equipment
      • Laser Cutting Equipment
      • Laser Cutting Equipment, 3-D
      • Laser Cutting Equipment, High-power
  • Tube and Pipe
    • Cutoff Machines
      • Cutoff Machines, Tube & Pipe
    • Tube Cutting Machinery


  • Laser Consumables
    • Cutting Optics and Accessories