Mazak Optonics Corp.

Mazak Optonics, a leader in laser technology, offers a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D laser-cutting machine models for the metal fabrication and structural steel markets. This innovative range of products enables Mazak to better meet fabricators’ specific laser application needs while significantly improving production efficiency, competitive positioning, and profitability. Mazak utilizes innovative engineering and intelligent automation to simplify operations and deliver more consistent machine performance. Mazak Optonics supports the North American installation base from its headquarters in Elgin, IL.


  • 2725 Galvin Ct.
  • Elgin, IL 60124 United States
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  • Laser Technology
    • Laser Cutting Equipment
      • Laser Cutting Equipment
      • Laser Cutting Equipment, 3-D
      • Laser Cutting Equipment, High-power
  • Tube and Pipe
    • Cutoff Machines
      • Cutoff Machines, Tube & Pipe
    • Tube Cutting Machinery


  • Laser Consumables
    • Cutting Optics and Accessories